I want to dynamically subtract values using mutate but not sure how to do it. Below is an exemplar image of what I would like to do: enter image description here

Staring from the 2nd row of the table, Col C = previous Col C element - current Col B element, i.e. 5- 1 = 4. Similarly 3rd row of Col C = 2nd element of Col C (that we just mutated) - 3rd element of Col B, i.e. 4-2 = 2. Thus, nth element of Col C = (n-1)th of Col C - nth of Col B. I already have values in Col B, but Col C values are being mutated dynamically. So the current mutated value for Col C depends on the previous mutated value. I am using lag command (dplyr) to subtract the values. Can anyone help with this dynamic mutation?

Thanks a lot!

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    Try df1 %>% mutate(new = lag(ColC, default = first(ColB)) - ColB) – akrun Feb 15 at 0:32

We can subtract the cumulative sum from the second value in ColB onwards with the 1st value in ColB. This can be done in base R

df$ColC <- with(df, c(ColB[1], ColB[1] - cumsum(ColB[-1])))
#  ColB ColC
#1    5    5
#2    1    4
#3    2    2
#4    3   -1
#5    4   -5

Or using dplyr

df %>% mutate(ColC = c(first(ColB),first(ColB) - cumsum(ColB[-1])))


df <- data.frame(ColB = c(5, 1:4))

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