For now I'm trying to detect a colour in one of the images then if one of them is green then a variable changes etc. I was wondering if there is a better way to do it that it efficient, even something such as finding the colour of a pixel by an x,y coord

tl =  ImageGrab.grab(bbox=(92,557,453, 644))
tr =  ImageGrab.grab(bbox=(489,556,855,644))
bl =  ImageGrab.grab(bbox=(86,681,456,768))
br =  ImageGrab.grab(bbox=(491,679,853,776))
answers = [tl,tr,bl,br]
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    Welcome to StackOverflow. On topic, how to ask, and ... the perfect question apply here. StackOverflow is a knowledge base for specific programming problems. So far, all you've done is grab four rectangles and stuff them into a list. Specify the problem: what does it mean to "detect a colour"? If you want an individual pixel, then why are you grabbing rectangles? – Prune Feb 15 at 0:43
  • I used to get the array of every pixel in an image and then check if it has more red, green or blue and identify it as that. It had some issues, because it identified a brown image as red, because it had more red in each pixel. Would this be something you'd consider? – Filip Feb 15 at 1:06
  • It not clear how the code in your question does what you claim. Regardless, you could use PIL's Image.histogram() function to tally the number of different colors in each grabbed image. Processing that information would likely significantly reduce the number of pixel colors that would need to be examined. FYI, you can get the color of a pixel at a given position with Image.getpixel(). – martineau Feb 15 at 2:57
  • For speed it might be best to convert the images into a 2D arrays of pixel values using Image.getdata() — similar to what I do in my answer to the question How to convert a grayscale image into a list of pixel values? The basic idea would work for processing color images, too. – martineau Feb 15 at 3:13
  • thanks, I may try the getpixel to see if that helps. Also the reason I didn't include that much beside the rectangles was that the rest kinda didn't work and felt slightly unnecessary as it was just my other attempts at finding the colours that didn't work – Epicyon Haydeni Feb 15 at 10:24

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