Im trying to learn how to setup Typescript with React-Redux so that in the future i do everything with TS, just for the sake of learning. I only want to have an action that will generate a bi dimensional array of numbers. So this is what im doing:

My Action

import { GENERATE_PINS, AppActions } from '../types/actions';
import { generateAllPins } from '../utils/generatePins';
import { AppState } from '../configStore';
import { PinArr } from '../types/pinType';
import { Dispatch } from 'react';
// TypeScript infers that this function is returning SendMessageAction

export const getPin = (pins: PinArr): AppActions => ({

export const startGeneratePin = () => {
  return (dispatch: Dispatch<AppActions>, getState: () => AppState) => {
    const pins = generateAllPins();
    return dispatch(

My reducer

import { PinArr } from '../types/pinType';
import { GENERATE_PINS, PinActionTypes } from '../types/actions';

const initialState: PinArr = {
  pins: []

export function pinReducer(
  state = initialState,
  action: PinActionTypes
): PinArr {
  switch (action.type) {
      return {
        pins: [...state.pins, ...action.pin]

My types

import { PinArr } from './pinType';


interface GeneratePin {
  type: typeof GENERATE_PINS;
  pin: PinArr;

export type PinActionTypes = GeneratePin;

export type AppActions = PinActionTypes;

And my data interface

export interface PinArr {
  pins: Array<Array<number>>;

My pins should be a result like [ [1,2,3,4], [2,3,4,5], [2,6,4,2]...] So thats why im doing Array>

Right now i have two erros: ON pin action

Type '{ type: "GENERATE_PINS"; pins: PinArr; }' is not assignable to type 'GeneratePin'.
  Object literal may only specify known properties, but 'pins' does not exist in type 'GeneratePin'. Did you mean to write 'pin'?

On reducer

Type 'PinArr' is not an array type.

Anyone can help me ? I feel like once i understand and solve this interface types (and this is why im using TS, to evolve as a developer overall) i will feel confortable using TS with React. Please?

  • GeneratePin refers to pin but your object is providing pins. pin seems to be a property of PinArr – apokryfos Feb 15 at 8:21
  • ok that was my b. i still get Type 'PinArr' is not an array type. – FCorreia Feb 15 at 8:22
  • Because PinArr should be an object which has pins as a property. If you want PinArr to be an array type you should do type PinArr = Array<Array<number>>; – apokryfos Feb 15 at 8:23

You've confused yourself because of your naming convention (names matter)! What you have declared as PinsArray is actually the slice of state that PinReducer handles. I think it will make much more sense in your code if you name things like so:

type PinsArray = number[][]

interface PinState {
    pins: PinsArray

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