Assuming we create a BackgroundJob, we will have trouble executing this BackgroundJob for any reason. Lastly, for some reason, such as inappropriate timing, we want to delay the execute in last try. Is it possible to delay execution in execute method? please be aware that my startup project is aspnetboilerplate

one approach is like this

 public class SendSMSJob : BackgroundJob<SendSMSJobArgs>, ITransientDependency
    private readonly IMessageSettingRepository _messageSettingRepo;
    private readonly IBackgroundJobManager _backgroundJobManager;
    private readonly IRepository<SMSStatus> _smsRepo;

    public SendSMSJob(IRepository<SMSStatus> smsRepo,
        IBackgroundJobManager backgroundJobManager,
        IMessageSettingRepository messageSettingRepo)
        backgroundJobManager = backgroundJobManager;
        _messageSettingRepo = messageSettingRepo;
        _smsRepo = smsRepo;

    public override void Execute(SendSMSJobArgs args)
        if (Clock.Now.Hour >= 23 && Clock.Now.Hour <= 8)
            Abp.Threading.AsyncHelper.RunSync(() => _backgroundJobManager.EnqueueAsync<SendSMSJob, SendSMSJobArgs>(args));
            //do job
  • one approach is to create new backgroundJob inside execute method and done current one. – Omital Feb 15 at 15:15

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