How can I edit my jupyter notebook in terminal. I just don't like to open jupyter notebook in web browser. I google out but every answer is related to how can we open notebook from terminal directly.

  • What kind of edits are you trying to make? .ipynb files are json data structures, so this is possible, but an example of what you are trying to do would help us understand how feasible this may be.
    – cwalvoort
    Feb 16, 2020 at 14:41

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I'd suggest looking at Jupytext's ability to do command line conversions back-and-forth from the notebook json structure to a python script (or markdown). If you already have the backbone of a notebook (.ipynb) file, you can convert it to .py script using jupytext --to py notebook.ipynb. That makes a text file that is easy to edit in your favorite terminal based text editor. The json in the .ipynb files is not as easy to edit directly.

Then when you are done editing, you can convert the .py script form back to a notebook with something like jupytext --to notebook notebook.py. Optionally, you can even execute it without opening a browser by adding --execute. I have an example conversion-and-execution command in use here.

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