What is the color code of black with 85% opacity?

I have #65000000 - but its too light. I need it a bit darker, at 85% opacity. How do I get that?

And why can't I setAlpha(85) on a relative layout? That's what I would want to do normally. But because this is not available, I have to do it though background color.


Each component goes from 0 through 255, so 85% opacity would be 85% of 255, i.e. 216.

So: #D8000000


85% black should be #D8000000.

Each component (A, R, G, B) can take values from 0-255. 85% of 255 = 216. 216 in Hex = D8

  • thank you, very good explanation. that's the right number. – dropsOfJupiter May 17 '11 at 14:49

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