I am using Tensorflow 1.14.0 and tensorflow_datasets 1.2.0

When trying to run the following code

import tensorflow as tf
import tensorflow_datasets as tfds

smallnorb = tfds.load("smallnorb")
smallnorb_train, smallnorb_test = smallnorb["train"], smallnorb["test"]
assert isinstance(smallnorb_train, tf.data.Dataset)
smallnorb_train = smallnorb_train.as_numpy_iterator()

I get the following error

AttributeError: 'DatasetV1Adapter' object has no attribute 'as_numpy_iterator'

According to the tensorflow_datasets docs this should work.

Why won't it? And why am I getting a DatasetV1Adapter object in the first place?

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You are using wrong tensorflow and tensorflow_datasets versions.

Please use 2.x unless you need 1.x for some very specific reasons.

This code works if you use tensorflow 2.1.0 and tensorflow_datasets 2.0.0. Proper documentation for 1.x of tf.data.Dataset can be found here and it has no such method indeed.


As @szymon mentioned, tensorflow-1.14 does not support the as_numpy_iterator. You should move your code to tf>=2.0

A handy tip which I frequently use is firing up a REPL python shell in one of the bash shells and use dir(tf.data.Dataset) to list all the attributes & methods that can be called from that object. You can further use the help(tf.data.Dataset.xxx) for parameters and return values of that method.

>>> import tensorflow as tf
>>> dir(tf.data.Dataset) 
... <output>

>>> help(tf.data.Dataset.from_tensor_slices)
... and so on

If you do the same, you'll find that as_numpy_iterator won't be present in the dir(tf.data.Dataset) list output, hence the error.

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