I'm trying to update our 20-year old Ada compiler, however you need an Ada-compiler to build some parts of GCC+Ada (9.2.0).

The gnatmake is circa 2000, and it's possibly sub-calling GCC 2.8.1. Sigh.

I have already successfully built several Ada parts of GCC, but this libgnat/ file eludes me:

Compiling libgnat/s-excmac.adb:

$ gnatmake s-excmac.adb
gcc -c -gnatpg s-excmac.adb
s-excmac.ads:134:44: identifier expected
gnatmake: "s-excmac.adb" compilation error

So the problematic line in s-excmac.ads is:

   type GCC_Exception_Access is access all Unwind_Exception;
   --  Pointer to a GCC exception

   procedure Unwind_DeleteException (Excp : not null GCC_Exception_Access );  -- <-- THIS ONE!

   pragma Import (C, Unwind_DeleteException, "_Unwind_DeleteException");

   --  Procedure to free any GCC exception

I don't understand what is wrong with this code. Is there some turn-of-the-century Ada syntax replacement I can use to get this part of GCC-Ada compiled?

I'm a bit of an Ada NOOB, so please be gentle.

EDIT: Seems like trying to "repair" the s-excmac.adb / s-excmac.ads is a fool's errand. The path of lesser resistance is to download a pre-built compiler, and start building the later GCC from that.


If the compiler is older than 2005, compiling the Ada-2005 not null access declaration is going to be a problem.

To move forward, you could delete the words "not null" and that line will compile and work, but you won't get the desired behaviour (abort with an exception) if you ever pass in a null access type. A better fix would be a wrapper procedure that explicitly checked, and either raised an exception or called the underlying C procoughvoid function as appropriate.

Additionally, there may be other Ada-2005 features which will also fail to compile, so a better choice would be a compiler upgrade.

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Brian is right about the not null. But there are likely to be a lot more 2005-isms in the code ...

I believe the maintainers will only guarantee the ability to build a compiler using the previous release, which would imply building GCC 3, using that to build GCC 4, and so on; you might be able to skip a release or two. Long days ahead!

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    And going that route, somewhere around gcc 4.7 and higher won't compile without a C++ compiler (in addition to Ada and C) – Brian Drummond Feb 17 at 23:42

I guess, building libgnat is the latest step. I mean you need to build "new-gcc" using old one, and then with "new-gcc" you will build libgnat. In this case you won't get this error.

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