I am trying to either apply a background color when a ion-button has been clicked or to keep the ion-ripple after it filled the button with Ionic 4.

I tried to apply custom css states in global.scss but it didn't really work as the active state looks like it is quickly removed after you click the button (added and then removed half a second after):

ion-button {
    &:active {
        color: red;
    &:visited {
        background-color: black !important; // --background didn't change anything here

I tried also with --background-activated which worked but doesn't have the effect I'm looking for. I want to persist the ripple background after the button has been clicked.

Looked everywhere for the ion-ripple configuration but there's not such thing to make it persists. A solution would be to use the ion-ripple component it-self but I would like to avoid that as it means going through the entire app and replace every ion-button...

So how can I get a generic ion-button to keep a background-color after it has been clicked ?

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    In mobile you can use classnameof button:hover{background:coloryouneed}, hover can be used on mobile and will be removed when user click on other place. So hover will keep applied since there is no mouse to hover normally. – Mostafa Harb Feb 18 at 12:25
  • @MostafaHarb Thanks for the comment, while this might work on mobile, the app is multiplatform and will be used on computer as well :/ – Antoine Thiry Feb 18 at 12:30
  • You can add querySelector and add class or remove it on click, so onClick class will be added with background and on unfocus remove the visited class. I thing this better for multiplatform. – Mostafa Harb Feb 18 at 12:35

You may have seen this too. Looking into the ion-ripple component source it looks like is has a removeRipple function that removes the ripple after 200 milliseconds. I can't see anywhere that would allow you to add configuration to change that and keep the ripple effect forever.

But maybe using NgClass could be a possible solution. I was thinking something like this...


<ion-button (click)="clickAction()" [ngClass]="{'clicked':beenClicked}">
  Change Color When Clicked


export class HomePage {
  beenClicked: boolean = false;

  clickAction() {
    this.beenClicked = true;



.clicked {
  --background: green;

You could move the style to the global.scss and make it available everywhere, although you probably still have to have the boolean property in every component unless you have a service or some kind of state management to help keep track of all of your button states for you.

Hope this helps.

  • Well, I guess there is no other real solutions for this other than workarounds then, since the timeout in the ripple looks hardcoded with no control on it. The problem I see with your solution is that if I want to keep the ripple effect on the button, I will probably have some conflicts with the styling... And I will also have to go through the entire app (who is kinda big right now) and modify it. Elegant solution overall but not really what I'm looking for. Maybe what I want is impossible to do right now :) – Antoine Thiry Feb 19 at 14:58
  • Completely understand. It is also possible to recreate the ripple component using StencilJS and remove the removal timeout. Josh Morony has some great blog posts about StencilJS that you might find helpful. Good luck. – Rich Tillis Feb 19 at 16:19

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