I am detecting text in live camera using swift but frames are not identified correct words. The application works fine when I try to detect text in image and frames draw at exactly around the world.

see iamge

for live camera what i did is create a capture video session and implement AVCaptureVideoDataOutputSampleBufferDelegate then in didOutput i am taking buffered image and convert it in UIImage and detect text in it. but the same strategy is not working correctly in this case.

check result in live camera also, didOutput call every time after starting video session and what I want is to only call a function when the user moves his camera or find text.

    func captureOutput(_ output: AVCaptureOutput, didOutput sampleBuffer: CMSampleBuffer, from connection: AVCaptureConnection) {
            // do stuff here
                guard let hasImage = CMSampleBufferGetImageBuffer(sampleBuffer) else {
                    print("no image")
                let imageBuffer = hasImage
                let ciimage : CIImage = CIImage(cvPixelBuffer: imageBuffer)
                liveCamImage = self.convert(cmage: ciimage)
                DispatchQueue.main.async {

is there any solution. //conver function

func convert(cmage:CIImage) -> UIImage
         let context:CIContext = CIContext.init(options: nil)
         let cgImage:CGImage = context.createCGImage(cmage, from: cmage.extent)!
         let image:UIImage = UIImage.init(cgImage: cgImage)
         return image

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Use below code in your convert method:

func convert(samImageBuff:CIImage) -> UIImage{

let imageBuffer = CMSampleBufferGetImageBuffer(samImageBuff)
var ciImage: CIImage? = nil
if let imageBuffer = imageBuffer as? CVPixelBuffer {
    ciImage = CIImage(cvPixelBuffer: imageBuffer)
let temporaryContext = CIContext(options: nil)
var videoImage: CGImage? = nil
if let ciImage = ciImage {
    videoImage = temporaryContext.createCGImage(ciImage, from: CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: CVPixelBufferGetWidth(imageBuffer), height: CVPixelBufferGetHeight(imageBuffer)))

var image: UIImage? = nil
if let videoImage = videoImage {
    image = UIImage(cgImage: videoImage)
 return image

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