I am using react JS as frontend and I want to send encrypted password to WSO2 IS 5.9.0 while using

curl --location --request POST 'https://x.x.x.x/oauth2/token' \
--header 'Content-Type: text/plain' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic xxxx' \
--data-urlencode 'grant_type=password' \
--data-urlencode 'username=xxxxxxxxx' \
--data-urlencode 'password=abc12345' \
--data-urlencode 'scope=openid'

I want to send the password in encrypted form and decrypt the password at WSO2 IS end. How do I perform this.....?


According to the OAuth spec, password grant can be used only if there is trust between the client and server.

The spec says as below:

The resource owner password credentials (i.e., username and password) can be used directly as an authorization grant to obtain an access
token. The credentials should only be used when there is a high
degree of trust between the resource owner and the client (e.g., the
client is part of the device operating system or a highly privileged
application), and when other authorization grant types are not
available (such as an authorization code).

So it is not recommended using password grant flow in a browser client.

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It is not possible to send the password in an encrypted form to the WSO2 IS and decrypt it in the WSO2-IS end. From the looks of is you are using the OAuth2 Password Grant, here you will have to send the password back to the server, in the same way, the user has entered it. Given that you are using a secured connection (https) you don't actually need to encrypt it in the frontend.

However, it is highly not recommended to use the Password Grant and you should look into using the authorization code grant. You can refer to this [draft]OAuth 2.0 for Browser-Based Apps from the OAuth community for some best practices.

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