In our Xamarin.Forms project, we have a UI list of elements, where each element is a POCO RealmObject (named Field) with information such as the serialized value, data type, last updated timestamp, etc. What is intented to happen is when the RealmObject is updated, the UI changes to show the new value. However, this doesn't happen in reality, and requires destroying and re-initializing the view to get the correct data. I'm wondering if there is a way to make an IObservable based on when a RealmObject is updated, so that it can be bound to a ReactiveUI view.

Our current data pipeline involves data coming in from the server, being converted into a Field, and being pushed into realm with the update flag. We then have a realm service in place that handles realm functions, one of which being a function that returns an IObservable that contains the field's serialized value. I can confirm that the data being passed into the realm from our updating service is being passed in correctly, and an active call to get the data via these functions is returning the correct data. The only case where it doesn't work as intended is when something subscribes to the IObservable and is listening for updates. I've included relevant code below.

How the RealmObject data is set:

var updateField = //Generate field data from server response, has same uniqueId as existingField
var existingField = realm.Find<Field>(uniqueId);

if (updateField != existingField)
    realm.Add(updateField, update: true);

The current RealmService implementation:

public RealmService(byte[] encryptionKey, IScheduler scheduler, ...)
    _realmStream = Observable
        .Start(() => Realm.GetInstance(new RealmConfiguration { EncryptionKey = encryptionKey }), scheduler)

public IObservable<string> GetFieldSerializedValueStream(string uniqueId)
    return _realmStream
        .Select(realm => realm.Find<Field>(primaryKey)?
            .ObservableForProperty(field => field.SerializedValue, skipInitial: false)
            .Select(pv => pv.GetValue()))

UI ViewModel code: (Data is handled differently based on data type, but this is a general description)

private ObserableAsPropertyHelper<T> _data;
public T Data => _data.Value;

public UIDataView(string dataUniqueId, RealmService realmService, ...)
        .Select(serializedValue => /*De-serialize value*/)
        .ToProperty(this, vm => vm.Data, out _data, RxApp.MainThreadScheduler)

Relevant NuGet packages:

  • Realm 4.1.0

  • ReactiveUI 9.20.1

  • Xamarin.Forms

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