I have an API REST made in node js, and now I'd like to implement some XACML policy. I have been searching and I found that I can use ALFA to make the XACML rules. But I need a PDP for applying the rules. What can I use / how can I implement it?

I have read about WSO2 Identity Server (which I think I can use as a PDP? I'm not sure). It is probably too much for a little project. Any other suggestions? Or is WSO2 IS adecuate?


Yes, you can use Wso2 Identity Server as your PDP. Once I had a requirement to secure a Spring Boot rest API through XACML[1]. Anyway, It would be much easier for you to use the Identity Server PDP than implementing one. You have easy beginner samples that you can try out for your use case.[2] There are tools in the identity server that you can use to create the XACML rules.



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Adding to Buddhima Udaranga reply, If you think IS too much for a little project, then you can directly use balana, which is the entitlement engine used inside IS. You can refer to this for more details. But balana have only java API.

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The go-to open source implementation of XACML 3.0 nowadays is AuthZForce. In OSS, it's the most up-to-date. In the commercial realm, look into Axiomatics (where I worked). They have the most up-to-date PDP and are the authors of the standard.

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