How can I create a document with horizontal page orientation (landscape) using google doc api (in python if possible)


This one was hard. For future generations:

body = {
    'title': 'Doc1'

doc = service.documents() \

file_id = doc.get('documentId')
requests =[
                  "height": {
                        'magnitude': 8.27,
                        'unit': 'PT'
                  "width": {
                        'magnitude': 1.69,
                        'unit': 'PT'
        "fields": 'pageSize'

result = service.documents().batchUpdate(
    documentId=file_id, body={'requests': requests}).execute()
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  • Got a weird result with those values, 3000+ pages and 0 left and right margins and the page seemed to be 1mm wide. Using the values width:842 height:595 works for me and shows "A4" and "Landscape" in the page settings, which is what I need. FYI I scoured the docs and total missed that. Really appreciate the complete example! – rob May 19 at 10:50

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