Given a Makefile (command are not needed in this example):

program: src0.o src1.o

src0.o: src0.c src0.h

src1.o: src1.c src1.h src0.h

Does anyone knows of a tool that can generate a dot file?

As follows:

digraph "Dependencies" {
"src0.h" -> "src0.o";
"src0.h" -> "src1.o";
"src1.h" -> "src1.o";
"src0.c" -> "src0.o";
"src1.c" -> "src1.o";
"src0.o" -> "program";
"src1.o" -> "program";

Note that this tool could also be smart enough to shortcut the .o files, and pretend that the c files depend on the headers they include.

digraph "Dependencies" {
"src0.h" -> "src0.c";
"src0.h" -> "src1.c";
"src1.h" -> "src1.c";
"src0.c" -> "program";
"src1.c" -> "program";

Create Makefile graphs using GraphViz? Does this do what you need?

https://metacpan.org/pod/Makefile::GraphViz or https://metacpan.org/pod/GraphViz::Makefile

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