I am trying to make an app for sending files to my remote server via ssh in flutter. My idea is to get the path of selected file and pass it over to ssh. I am using file picker plugin in flutter to select file, but it taking file to memory before getting file path, for large files this is taking time.is there any way to get the path of file only without taking file to memory ?

  • What is it doing with this file in memory? I see no reason. – blackapps Feb 20 at 19:03
  • @blackapps my need is to get the path of selected file instantly..i am handling with files greater than 1GB ..which taking lot of time – Prinz Piuz Feb 21 at 4:27
  • You did not answer my question. I already knew what you want. I still dont know why it is put in memory. – blackapps Feb 21 at 6:52
  • Please, can you copy the piece of code where you load these files? – theSlyest Feb 21 at 8:07
  • @SylvainL.Kamdem bin.disroot.org/… – Prinz Piuz Feb 21 at 9:10

found a method in this project flutter file utils there is a method call list_file in this

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