I created a secondary userstore using JDBCUserStore, I added my local database details and deleted all queries , have kept only a)Select User SQL as SELECT * FROM CUSTOMER_DATA WHERE CUSTOMER_NAME=? and
User Filter SQL as SELECT CUSTOMER_NAME FROM CUSTOMER_DATA WHERE CUSTOMER_NAME LIKE ? ORDER BY CUSTOMER_ID, b)Disbaled "Claim Operations Supported" c)Created a new role and gave all permissions to it and assigned the user Test123.com/dinuka and Test123/malinda users to the role. e)I tried to login to portal as Test123.com/dinuka/dinuka but not possible and I see "[2020-02-21 16:26:38,788] [066bbe1e-17c3-4292-995e-d1a95d72c38c] ERROR {org.wso2.carbon.core.services.authentication.AuthenticationAdmin} - System error while Authenticating/Authorizing User : Error when handling event : PRE_AUTHENTICATION " If the password is plain text , the error should be different, not sure where the issue is. Am not able to login from my custom local usertable :(.

Regds, Subhash

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