I feel like this question is so stupid and has a simple answer but I honestly can't find anything. So basically, so far, when making projects in ASP.NET, the way I used to connect with a database is by:

-opening SQLServer

-making a database (for example: a database called School)

-opening my ASP.NET project

-going to appsettings.json file and adding something like this

"ConnectionStrings": {
"Server=LENOVOPC\\MSSQLSERVER01;Database=School;MultipleActiveResultSets=true;User Id=Test; 

-and then going to my Startup.cs file adding this line

      services.AddDbContext<AppContext>(builder =>

as you can see, I've been doing everything on my local server

so my question now is, how can my team and I work on the same server and the same database? Like how can I edit the above so that my friend can make changes to the same database that i'm working on?

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    Do you have the option of running SQL Server on a server that you can all access? – Babak Naffas Feb 21 at 19:12
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    It's unlikely that you'll want your team working on your local sql database, so you probably want to have a SQL server somewhere (cloud, network, etc.) that you can both reach. Then you'll replace your connection string with the string for that server. You can google setting up a SQL server and that may point you in the right direction. – trademark Feb 21 at 19:16

You could commit the project to git, and each team member can pull each request to work and update the database.

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