In oracle 10g, how do you convert SYS_GUID() to varchar? I am trying something like:

select USER_GUID from user where email = 'user@example.com'

Which returns the RAW byte[]. Is it possible to use a function to convert the RAW to VARCHAR2 in the SQL statement?

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Don't forget to use HEXTORAW(varchar2) when comparing this value to the RAW columns.

There is no implicit convesion from VARCHAR2 to RAW. That means that this clause:

WHERE raw_column = :varchar_value

will be impicitly converted into:

WHERE RAWTOHEX(raw_column) = :varchar_value

, thus making indices on raw_column unusable.


WHERE raw_column = HEXTORAW(:varchar_value)




select RAWTOHEX(USER_GUID) from user where email = 'user@example.com'

Please don't mod-1 if I'm wrong. I'm going from memory so this a disclaimer to verify.

TO_CHAR is actually different between SQL and PL/SQL.

In SQL TO_CHAR does not take a raw as you have found out.

In PL/SQL To_CHAR will take a raw value.

So if you're in a procedure anyways, sometimes it easier to use a variable, but if you're just using SQL, go with the other answers here.

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    PL/SQL's TO_CHAR() is in fact SYS.STANDARD.TO_CHAR(), which you can use in SQL too: SELECT SYS.STANDARD.TO_CHAR(SYS_GUID()) FROM dual. Of course this implies SQL/PLSQL context switch and appropriate performance impact.
    – Quassnoi
    Mar 3, 2009 at 0:06
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    OMG, that's so cool. I never contextualized it like that. mod+1.1
    – Mark Brady
    Mar 3, 2009 at 18:11

select CAST (USER_GUID AS VARCHAR2(100)) from user where email = 'user@example.com'

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