def finalvalue(a,b,c,d):
    return ("Impossible, you " if(o)>100 else "You ")+"would need a "+str(o)+"%"

So here I have a function that calculates the weighted score of each of the inputs and what the final score someone will have to earn in order to get at least 90% overall. If the value is NOT an integer, in this case "o", then round to the nearest upper integer. If the score is greater than 100 return a different message with "impossible" instead.

I have already put the return statement with the if clause.

So my question is, how would I optimize this and do this in a fewer lines of code?

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Here is a 144 character solution:

import math
def finalvalue(a,b,c,d):
 return("Impossible, y"if o>100 else"Y")+"ou would need a "+str(o)+"%"

If a,b,c and d are integers then you can simplify further by noting the smallest fraction you can get on o is 1/4 i.e. 0.25, so we can add 0.3 and round:

def finalvalue(a,b,c,d):
 return("Impossible, y"if o>100else"Y")+"ou would need a "+str(o)+"%"

This comes in at 127 characters.

You can also simplify further using old-style string formatting and get rid of the round:

def finalvalue(a,b,c,d):
 return("Impossible, y"if o>100else"Y")+"ou would need a %d%%"%o

I think this is 114.

If you have access to Python 3.8, you can use a lambda expression and the walrus operator to reduce to 104 characters:

finalvalue=lambda a,b,c,d:("Y","Impossible, y")[(o:=450.9-a-(b*2+c+d)*.75)>100]+"ou would need a %d%%"%o
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  • You must let me know what the best solution was when you find out. I took a bit more of a look today but couldn't see anything. – Nick Feb 26 at 7:53
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  • here it is bro: finalvalue=lambda a,b,c,d:["Y","Impossible, y"][(f:=450-int(a+.75*(2*b+c+d)))>100]+f"ou would need a {f}%" – user12945940 Mar 7 at 21:51
  • i knew it had to be something with the string – user12945940 Mar 7 at 21:51
  • basically we won (well mainly you). i am content now – user12945940 Mar 7 at 21:53

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