Can your help me with this questions, please

1 - My questions is How does transform the data from one List with lists.

For Example:

In this list transform "Elixir" to --> :Elixir, the number string to integer

    ["Language", "Elixir"],
    ["Language", "Python"],
    ["Language", "Rust"],
    ["Framework", "Phoenix", "1"]

2 - My second questions is which is more convenient, handle this as a list or maps.



Converting nested lists might be done in many ways; here the most appropriate one would be to use pattern matching in mapper’s clauses.

input = [
    ["Language", "Elixir"],
    ["Language", "Python"],
    ["Language", "Rust"],
    ["Framework", "Phoenix", "1"]

Enum.map(input, fn
  [kind, name] ->
    [kind, String.to_atom(name)]
  [kind, name, ver] ->
    [kind, String.to_atom(name), String.to_integer(ver)]
#⇒ [
#   ["Language", Elixir],
#   ["Language", :Python],
#   ["Language", :Rust],
#   ["Framework", :Phoenix, 1]
# ]

Using a map would be way more convenient because you might handle the update wisely whether the key is presented or not.

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  • Master, Thanks for your response – lyonTypescript Feb 23 at 19:17

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