I want to create a nodejs module's recipe to make the particular module part of my final build image in yocto build environment.

To be specific i want to create recipe for 'node-beacon-scanner' module. Can i write .bb file which can install all the dependencies of 'node-beacon-scanner' module ?

Note : I have one custom board based on IMX6ULL processor, on which i can't use "npm install module-name". So i have to cross compile this for ARM environment.

Thanks, Mayank

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You want to check out Yocto's documentation on creating a recipe for an NPM package.

Is there anything you've already tried? Have you attempted to create a recipe that gave you errors?

  • Thanks hakskel, I gone through the link you have provided. I have started making recipe for "node-beacon-scanner" nodejs module. Right now facing some compilation issues. Will update here once any i make any progress.
    – MayankR
    Commented Feb 26, 2020 at 9:56

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