I have a problem with the Gstreamer UDPSINK clients setting for IPv6, but I have successfully worked with IPv4 such as clients=",", I have tried to set clients for IPv6 such as clients="[1234:5678:9ABC:DEF0:1234:5678:9ABC:DEF0]:9001" without being successful.

Can anyone help to guide me with a correct setting for IPv6?

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Right now setting the clients property with ipv6 addresses is somewhat bugged, the compilator treats the first colon symbol as a divider between host and port.

If you want to send data to a single client you should use "host" and "port" properties.

If you want to send data to multiple clients and add clients dynamically then you need to use signals like this:

GstElement *your_udpsink_ref = gst_bin_get_by_name(GST_BIN(your_pipeline), "your_udpsink_name");
g_signal_emit_by_name(your_udpsink_ref, "add", "1234:5678:9ABC:DEF0:1234:5678:9ABC:DEF0", 9001, NULL);

Just be sure your pipeline was already running in the playing state (ready is probably fine too) before you emit a signal.

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