I want to build a query.

here is table:

id  user_id  sn_no
1   22       00112233
2   22       987654325
3   22       65489732
4   25       984123123
5   25       9568456456
6   25       65456456

I want result like this:

   "sn_no": "00112233,987654325,65489732"
   "sn_no": "984123123,9568456456,65456456"

Can anyone please help to solve this issue?

I have tried: concat, GROUP_CONCAT but can not get the result.

Can you please help me add this in Join query?

$users = \DB::table('users')
            ->join('users_mcu', 'users.id', '=', 'users_mcu.user_id')
            ->join('country_user', 'users.id', '=', 'country_user.user_id')
            ->join('country_phase_color', 'country_user.country_id', '=', 'country_phase_color.id')
            ->select('users.id', 'users.first_name', 'users.last_name', 'users.company', 'users.designation', 'users.lang', 'users.phone', 'users.disp_graph', 'users.user_image', 'users.email', 'users.role', 'users.created_at', 'users.updated_at', 'country_user.country_id', 'country_phase_color.country_name')
  • DB::raw("(GROUP_CONCAT(sn_no SEPARATOR ',')) as sn_no did you use group concat like this – Pankaj Bisht Feb 25 at 7:01
  • default SEPARATOR is ',' so no need to defined it again – Dilip Hirapara Feb 25 at 7:02
  • Please share your where you have tried GROUP_CONCAT – Sehdev Feb 25 at 7:06

Try this-

         ->selectRaw('GROUP_CONCAT(sn_no) as sn')
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  • Please check the updated answer. Actually I don't know the column name sn_no in which table... please be confirm about sn_no – Rashed Hasan Feb 25 at 10:10
  • sn_no is stored in user_mcu table – vdr Feb 25 at 10:29
  • Please check the update – Rashed Hasan Feb 25 at 10:33
  • IT says -------users.id' isn't in GROUP BY – vdr Feb 25 at 10:34
  • same error: users_mcu.user_id – vdr Feb 25 at 10:35

Try this.

$data = \DB::table('tablename')->select('user_id', \DB::raw('group_concat(sn_no) as sn_nos'))->groupBy('user_id')->get();

as if you want to change SEPARATOR then you can use SEPARATOR for it otherwise the default will be ','

\DB::table('tablename')->select('user_id',DB::raw("(GROUP_CONCAT(sn_no SEPARATOR '@')) as `sn_nos`"))->groupBy('user_id')->get();
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use mysql group_concat function and laravel groupBy and raw function

   ->select('id','user_id',\DB::raw('GROUP_CONCAT(`sn_no`) as sn_no_t'))
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Try this

use DB;

        ->select('id','user_id','DB::raw("(GROUP_CONCAT(sn_no SEPARATOR ',')) as `sn_nos`")')
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You can try this

       ->selectRaw('GROUP_CONCAT(sn_nos) as sn_nos')
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