My CustomUserStore is a primary user store. In previous versions it was possible to just additional properties in user-mgt.xml like:

<UserStoreManager class="com.company.CustomUserStoreManager">
    <Property name="host">remotebox</Property>     // my two additional properties
    <Property name="port">5580</Property> 

But when I try to add them to deployment.toml like:

type = "database"
class = "com.company.CustomUserStoreManager"
host = "remotebox"
port = 5580

Then my properties are not added in the resulting user-mgt.xml


You can add custom properties to userstore as shown below from deployment.toml file.

type = "database"
class = "com.company.CustomUserStoreManager"

host = "remotebox"
port = "5580"
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  • it works, thanks – eugcomax Feb 25 at 13:40

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