I have a newsletter subscription form on a website using Kentico 9. There is a simple captcha : "prompts users to retype a sequence of numbers from an image". Since a few month, I have noticed a lot of new subscriptions with email address that can look real because of the domain. But names attached to the email address are only a series of letters (example : vPkGNFtUjyxcEQ). I verified some email address on CleanTalk and they were reported as spam.

Is it possible for bots to subscribe to the newsletter even with this kind of captcha? How can I prevent that?



Yes, it is possible for bots to submit those old captcha forms. You're better off to introduce the reCaptcha v2 or v3 on your site. There is some code on the old Kentico Marketplace which allows you to import and use the new reCaptcha functionality.

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