I am facing issue problem when I load a model trained from tensorflow 1 that has tf.contrib.resampler using tensorflow 2.

Here is the following error I got.

tensorflow.python.framework.errors_impl.NotFoundError: Op type not registered 'Resampler' in binary running on MY-PC. Make sure the Op and Kernel are registered in the binary running in this process. Note that if you are loading a saved graph which used ops from tf.contrib, accessing (e.g.) `tf.contrib.resampler` should be done before importing the graph, as contrib ops are lazily registered when the module is first accessed.

A little bit of history, as per tensorflow 2.0, the tf.contrib module is not officially supported and is moved to tensorflow_addons. So, I thought just changing it to the tensorflow_addons would solve it

What I tried

I already tried adding import tensorflow_addons.image.resampler_ops (probably the tf2 equivalent of running tf.contrib.resampler to lazy load the OP)

Potential issue comes from the registered OP name, which is REGISTER_OP("Addons>Resampler") in the tf2/tensorflow_addons, but it's REGISTER_OP("Resampler") in the tf1/tf.contrib


Is there any easy way to rename the existing OP or make an alias to the existing OP so that it's easier to find "Resampler" OP?

  • Hi @ardiya, Can you provide a minimum reproducible code of your problem? – TF_Support Mar 31 '20 at 1:16
  • Latest Tensorflow 2.x can solve this issue. use tfa.image.resampler() library. For more details about this library find here. Thanks! – TFer Jan 29 at 3:19

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