1. We want to implement offline map in our qt project using SD card or local storage. I have downloaded both .osm and .osm.pbf files. Now we need method/process to load a offline map in qt using .osm or .osm.pbf.

  2. Is there a way to display offline maps in QtLocation without generating tiles? Like reading directly from a osm file. If it is not possible in QtLocation, is there any other modules available that I can use in QML?


You can use the following code to load offline tiles. This property works from QtLocation 5.8 onward.

Map {
      activeMapType: map.supportedMapTypes[1]
      zoomLevel: 5
      plugin: Plugin {
         name: 'osm';
         PluginParameter {
            name: 'osm.mapping.offline.directory'
            value: '/path/to/map/tiles'


You can also take a look at QtLocation Offline

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