I am trying to update my project to the last karate release 0.9.5. All works fine except the parallel execution. It doesn't take in account the tags I run using the command line "-Dkarate.options".

This is my TestParallel java class:

public class QaaTestParallel {

public void testParallel() {
    Results results = Runner.path("classpath:e2e").parallel(2);
    assertTrue(results.getErrorMessages(), results.getFailCount() == 0);

public static void generateReport(String karateOutputPath) {
    Collection<File> jsonFiles = FileUtils.listFiles(new File(karateOutputPath), new String[] {"json"}, true);
    List<String> jsonPaths = new ArrayList(jsonFiles.size());
    jsonFiles.forEach(file -> jsonPaths.add(file.getAbsolutePath()));
    Configuration config = new Configuration(new File("target"), "e2e Karate");
    ReportBuilder reportBuilder = new ReportBuilder(jsonPaths, config);


To run the tests I use the following command line instruction:

mvn clean test -Dkarate.options="--tags @smoke" -Dtest=QaaTestParallel

But it runs all my tests.

I tried different options but I didn't get to work. Can anyone give me a hand?

Thanks a lot.


Yes we missed this, it is a bug. I have fixed this in the develop branch. It would help us a lot if you can build and test this locally, it is simple: https://github.com/intuit/karate/issues/1061

For now, use the old annotation way as a work-around, or create a new runner where the tag combination is "hard coded".

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    Thanks Peter! It seems that your fixed is working fine.
    – pmpli
    Feb 26 '20 at 17:13

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