I am getting my head round the different ways of communicating between components and their children, grandchildren, etc., and have been taking a look at provide/inject for the first time. I can get this to work fine without being reactive (which I know is the way it is designed), but cannot get reactive behaviour using an observed object. Let's say I have a nested object structure, A > B > C, where A is the grandparent of C. I have a data property of A, 'page', changes to which I would like to observe in grandchild C. If I just provide 'page' in A and inject 'page' in C, it's not reactive (by design). I thought if I did something like this instead it might work:

In provider:

data() {
    return {
      page: null,

     return {
       obj: this.obj

In child or grandchild:

inject: ['obj']

But it doesn't. If I try to use obj.currentPage in the grandchild component, it is undefined.

I'm sure this is pretty straightforward. What am I not getting?

  • If you want the grandchild to observe changes in the grandparent, there are probably several ways to do it: (1) use an event bus, (2) pass down the parent data as prop all the way down to the grandchild, so the grandchild can observed the inherited data itself, or (3) use VueX (probably an overkill tho) – Terry Feb 26 '20 at 14:33
  • Thanks, I'm aware of those solutions. I am trying to find out about provide/inject here, though, so I know how to use it properly. – John Moore Feb 26 '20 at 14:42
  • just my guess, maybe because you use the same name "obj" for both data and provider, try changing one – Jake Lam Feb 26 '20 at 14:50
  • No, the name makes no difference. – John Moore Feb 26 '20 at 16:19

Well, as ever the answer turned out to be in a completely different place from where I was looking. There is nothing wrong with the reactivity of the 'obj' object being provided. The problem lies in the fact that the object is not being updated in the parent data object. I had obj:{currentPage:this.page} assuming that when this.page changes, the property within obj would be updated, but it isn't. So I have two options here, unless I've missed something: firstly, use a watch on page, updating the obj property; or forget about this.page altogether and make sure any updates which were hitherto done to this.page are instead done to this.obj.currentPage. It's just a case of deciding which approach is the less messy. All part of an interesting learning exercise.

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