I use PySide instead, therefore in my program, instead

from PySide.QtGui import QVBoxLayout

Normally it works for importing but then when I called method .setMargin() as the tutorial : https://doc.qt.io/qtforpython/tutorials/expenses/expenses.html#right-side-layout, I got an error:

self.right = QVBoxLayout()

AttributeError: 'PySide.QtGui.QVBoxLayout' object has no attribute 'setMargin'

I tried to find the setMargin() in the library and it appear here: https://doc.qt.io/qtforpython/PySide2/QtWidgets/QLayout.html#PySide2.QtWidgets.PySide2.QtWidgets.QLayout.setMargin. That means I can call it by importing QLayout from Pyside.QtGui but that doesn't work. The cmd say:

NotImplementedError: 'QLayout' represents a C++ abstract class and cannot be instantiated

Could you please show me how to use setMargin() by an alternative way in my case?

  • If you have 2 different questions then post 2 different posts
    – eyllanesc
    Feb 26, 2020 at 14:42
  • I think the problem is that you are using PySide, which is older version. Try PySide2 as that works with PyQt5 for which your tutorial is for.
    – SajanGohil
    Feb 26, 2020 at 14:47
  • PySide2 is not compatible with python2 so you will not be able to install it if you continue using that version, I recommend installing python3
    – eyllanesc
    Feb 26, 2020 at 15:09

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setMargin() does not exist in Qt4 (PySide), it existed in initial versions of Qt5 but is currently deprecated, instead you must use the setContentsMargins() method:

self.right = QVBoxLayout()
self.right.setContentsMargins(10, 10, 10, 10)
  • "it existed in initial versions of Qt5 but is currently deprecated" yes. It is in Obsolete Members for QLayout of Qt 5 and does not exist in Qt 6.
    – li ki
    Jun 15, 2022 at 15:51

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