I cannot seem to get my JavaScript HTTP call to route to my controller using the following address. I am trying to pass an int, object, bool, bool from JavaScript. Any idea why I am getting the error?

JavaScript Service Call

    ClassManager.httpPost("/folder/TestCall/" + $sessionStorage.testId, TestObject, isTest, isValid)

Route to Controller

        public async Task<IHttpActionResult> TestCall(int testId, TestObject testInfo, bool isTest, bool isValid)


No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI 'https://localhost:1234/folder/TestCall/44444'.

44444 = testId value

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your javascript service call should be: "/api/TestCall/" not "/folder/TestCall/"

ClassManager.httpPost("/api/TestCall/" + $sessionStorage.testId, TestObject, isTest, isValid)

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