fa = Fa.objects.filter(fa_name = tag)[0]

It was working in python 2.7 and django 1.8 but now that I migrated to django 2.2 and python 3.6 its not working

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    That means that element or element you're trying access is not within range of the list and just doesn't exist. – FishingCode Feb 27 at 2:01
  • could it be it should be double equal with python 3 , because that was working in python 2 – django2.2python3.6 Feb 27 at 2:11
  • that's not part of the syntactical changes, and == is not an assignment operator but comparative operator. – FishingCode Feb 27 at 2:13
  • strange it was working in django 1.8 and python 2.7 I had to change to fa_name__icontains but i want exact match not icontains – django2.2python3.6 Feb 27 at 2:14
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    Please share the entire error message and provide a minimal reproducible example. – AMC Feb 27 at 2:32

If you want to get the first if no data then None you should use first method:

fa = Fa.objects.filter(fa_name = tag).first()

It will return you None if you have no data and if you do have then it will return the first element

If you want to avoid any None values then you should check before executing it:

if Fa.objects.filter(fa_name = tag).count() > 0:
    fa = fa = Fa.objects.filter(fa_name = tag)[0]
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