I am getting an ajax error, while I am sending the data from the datatable, in order to perform some pre-processing task in the database.

Datatable JS Code

Using Codeingiter, so in controller I am accessing using the $_POST['request], $_POST[''name']. But its now working, I had also tried the $this->input->POST() of CI, but still not working.

Don't know what's wrong with the ajax within the datatable?

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    Please add your code here, it's easy for the community to answer. – Sunil Lulla Feb 27 at 10:32
  • Please don't post code as an image but rather as code-formatted text since none of us can copy, paste and run an image. For more on this, please see [Why may I not upload images of code](meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/285551/why-not-upload- images-of-code-on-so-when-asking-a-question/285557#285557) on SO when asking a question?. Also please check out the How to Ask for more on site best-practices. – Vickel Feb 27 at 15:26

$this->input->POST() should be small letter $this->input->post().

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  • Thank You now its now giving ajax error, but instead its now giving json invalid response. I have debugged through network, it show me this kind of error present in my controller file $_POST['draw'] i.e all the datatable elements that i need to use and update is giving me the json invalid error. How to overcome this issue. – cpp tpo Feb 27 at 10:39
  • Problem solved ? – Boominathan Elango Feb 27 at 10:41
  • Ya the inital ajax data are being read by the contoller, but the datatable other attributes are now giiving error of invalid json response – cpp tpo Feb 27 at 10:52

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