We have a nodejs application in which our basic requirement is to not use hard coded DB password from config.json file instead read it from Google Cloud Secret Manager and i am able to fetch that secret value from there.

But when i try to use it in my models/index.js via a async function i got the Promise { pending } error.

Here is my secret_manager.js file:

let _ = require('lodash');

// Imports the Secret Manager library
const { SecretManagerServiceClient } = require('@google-cloud/secret-manager');
let getSecret = async function (secretName) {

    try {

        if (!secretName) {
            throw new TypeError('secretName argument is required to getSecret()');

        if (typeof secretName !== 'string') {
            throw new TypeError('secretName must be a string to getSecret()');

        // Instantiates a client
        console.info('Creating a SecretManagerServiceClient')
        const client = new SecretManagerServiceClient();

        console.info('Calling a accessSecretVersion')
        const [version] = await client.accessSecretVersion({
            name: secretName,

        // Extract the payload as a string.
        const payload = version.payload.data.toString('utf8');

        if (_.isNil(payload) || _.isEmpty(payload)) {
            let error = new Error()
            error.name = 'SecretAccessError';
            error.message = 'Invalid Secret Value for ' + secretName;
            throw error;
        return { Payload: payload }

    } catch (error) {
        error.name = "SecretAccessError"
        throw error;
module.exports = {
    getSecret: getSecret

Below is my code in index.js file:

const secret = require('../secret_manager');

    // The name of the secret
    const secretName = 'my secret location in GoogleCloud'
    let secretPassword;

    let getSecret = async function(secretName)
       let result = await secret.getSecret(secretName);
       return result.Payload;

        secretPassword = getSecret(secretName);
      secretPassword = getSecret(secretName);
    console.log("secret passwprd is:")

When i start my server, here is my output:

[nodemon] starting `node start.js`
Creating a SecretManagerServiceClient
Calling a accessSecretVersion
secret passwprd is:
Promise { <pending> }
Running a GraphQL API server at http://localhost:4000/graphql in development environment!

How can i use my secret manager value in index.js for sequelize db connection


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I have added a then block for my secret password like:

    secretPassword.then(function (res) {
    -----Rest of the logic inside this---

module.exports = db;

and this works for me

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