When I tried to submit an App to Itunes Connect I got the following error.

App Store Connect Operation Error

An error occurred while trying to call the requested method validateAssets. (1272)


Any suggestions on what I need to change to be able to submit my app?

  • Same error today. Sometimes its "validateMetadata. (1272)" – dubace Feb 27 at 23:26
  • Same is happening for me, just now... Is this a App Store Connect outage? – Ilia Sidorenko Feb 27 at 23:29
  • same error with validateMetadata (1272). how to fixe it? – Damsorian Feb 27 at 23:35
  • Same story, looking for a fix – MAGiGO Feb 27 at 23:43
  • Nothing new yet, Apple System status says there is an outage. – Abel Tilahun Feb 28 at 0:23

Looks like theres an apple developer outage: https://developer.apple.com/system-status/

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Try multiple times, I've managed to upload build right now in less then 100 attempts xD

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  • Nvm, even after "successful" upload the build is not visible on Appstore Connect even as "Processing", so it was just a partial victory. Best thing is to give up and wait for Apple to fix problems :/ – Paweł Łęgowski Feb 28 at 1:05
  • Came here to say this! After it's showing as green tick successful in Organizer, i actually can't see it in App Store connect! So yeah, bugger. – Ilia Sidorenko Feb 28 at 1:14
  • my new version finally showed up... seems like it's resolved? as far as i can see it so far – Ilia Sidorenko Feb 28 at 3:28

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