I am trying to create a new interface for wso2is for my specific requirement means, I only need some specific functionalities(add user, add roles etc) from wso2, I go through several documentation in wso2 website and find

this document

this post

but never got a complete documentation.

is it possible to get the postman collections for the same ?

any help appreciated.


The documentation you have referred to is relevant to the admin services for user and role management. They are implemented using SOAP. But since you have some basic requirements as add user delete user add roles you can use the SCIM2 REST API's[1][2]

[1].https://docs.wso2.com/display/IS570/Using+the+SCIM+2.0+REST+APIs [2].https://medium.com/@vindulajayawardana/scim-2-0-api-for-wso2-identity-server-5-3-0-fc5dcaad9e44

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