I have an OData end point using OData V4. When I do a GET


then I would get the multiple people back each with this basic JSON data:

"Company":  "Microsoft",
"LastName": "Bob",
"FirstName: "Saget",
"Details": [
   "Age": "63",
   "Sex": "Male"

How would I write a URL to query using OData convention if I want to find all staff who work for Microsoft and has age bigger than 30?

My attempt failed with couple of the version of URL below:


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    What error do you get? In my odata servers I return a proper error message when parsing fails. – TomTom Feb 28 at 20:06
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    Have you tried $filter instead of $Filter maybe ??? – AussieJoe Feb 28 at 20:38

I tried your examples and had trouble with using $Filter as opposed to $filter. When I used that on OData's own official website endpoints, it did not like $Filter but would work with $filter.

Your example might work if you set $Filter to $filter ? Have you tried it?


My answer above is based off of trying it on OData's website (copy and paste this and try it yourself, this works and uses nested property in the filter):

https://services.odata.org/V4/OData/OData.svc/PersonDetails?$filter=(Address/City eq 'Boise' and PersonID gt 0)

So I think this will work:

https://localhost:323/Staff?$filter=(Company eq 'Microsoft' and Details/Age gt 30)

Btw, "Microsoft" was misspelled in your example query. That too can effect your results and expected output, since your JSON example has it spelled correctly.

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    Makes no sens as it has Age as second parameter. It is Details/Age – TomTom Feb 28 at 20:05
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    @TomTom thanks for pointing that out, I updated my answer. I think this should work but do not have an easy way to verify. – AussieJoe Feb 28 at 20:09
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    Thank you @AussieJoe, I tested out your last suggestion suggestion and it works. – Fylix Feb 28 at 21:19

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