I have created two DocTypes inside the education module. I've unchecked the "custom" checkbox to build the js and py files. However, the two DocTypes have not listed inside the education module.

If I check the custom they return to list under setup so how I can list him inside the education module while the custom is unchecked?

another question: I have created a custom script for one of these DocTypes, will I lose the script after unchecked custom !!!

Note: I can find them in the global search


For version-12 you'll have to override the get_data under education of the config module. The file for that is here

If you are on the develop branch, as a consequence of the desk refactor you might have to update an additional file, specifically education.json file with your newly created modules.


Try Bench Migrate First for Standard DocType

  • OP has clearly stated that this is regarding custom DocTypes – gavin Mar 29 '20 at 10:23

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