I have an image with a border around it to which I would like to add a shadow with some offset. Although I think the default opacity of the shadow is too dark, what's the correct property for opacity?

var body: some View {


        .frame(width: 100.0, height: 100.0)
        .stroke(Color.white, lineWidth: 4))
        .shadow(radius: 10.0, x: -10.0, y: -10.0)


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You can pass a Color with reduced opacity to your shadow:

.shadow(color: Color.black.opacity(0.2), radius: 10.0, x: -10.0, y: -10.0)

Note: The default shadow color is a black with 0.33 opacity

Color(.sRGBLinear, white: 0, opacity: 0.33)


You can control the shadow by changing the value of X position and Y position.

      .frame(width: 100, height: 100)
      .shadow(color: Color.black.opacity(0.3), radius: 5, x: -15.5, y: 0.0)
      .shadow(color: Color.black.opacity(0.3), radius: 5, x: 15.0, y: 0.0)
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