I am currently working on a Visual Studio Extension, however I am pretty sure this should apply to all kind of applications.

I have a SimpleInjector Container, in which I want register an IVsSolution (COM Object). Note that it is marked by the following attributes:


Anyhow when I try to following code:

var container = new Container();


It throws the following error:

The supplied type __ComObject does not implement IVsSolution. Parameter name: serviceType.

I would also guess, that this would apply for all COMImport types. Anyhow how could I register a COM Type in preferable a SimpleInjector container?


This is a known limitation in Simple Injector, which might be fixed in the v5 time frame.

To work around this problem, create a wrapper implementation of IVsSolution that wraps the __ComObject and forwards calls to that.

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  • This is pretty sad, I was really trying to avoid wrapping it into another class. – Twenty Mar 1 at 11:47

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