I'm trying to work with child entities in ABP but when I call repository methods nothing happens, the way i'm doing it is deleting all records and Inserting it again, when methods are called I got duplicate entries

I'm working with it in DomainService layer here is my manager

    using Abp.Domain.Repositories;
    using Abp.Domain.Services;
    using DomiSys.Prestamos.Models.Generales.ClienteFuturoNs.DireccionClienteFuturoNs;
    using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Threading.Tasks;

    namespace DomiSys.Prestamos.Models.Generales.DireccionClienteFuturoNs
        public class DireccionClienteFuturoManager : DomainService, IDireccionClienteFuturoManager
            private readonly IRepository<DireccionClienteFuturo> _direccionClienteFuturoRepository;

            public DireccionClienteFuturoManager(IRepository<DireccionClienteFuturo> direccionClienteFuturoRepository)
                LocalizationSourceName = PrestamosConsts.LocalizationSourceName;
                _direccionClienteFuturoRepository = direccionClienteFuturoRepository;

            public async Task<DireccionClienteFuturo> Registrar(DireccionClienteFuturo entity)
                return await _direccionClienteFuturoRepository.InsertAsync(entity);

            public async void Eliminar(DireccionClienteFuturo entity)
                await _direccionClienteFuturoRepository.DeleteAsync(entity);

            public async void EliminarTodo(int clienteId)
                var list = _direccionClienteFuturoRepository.GetAll().Where(x => x.ClienteFuturoId == clienteId).ToList();
                foreach (var item in list)
                    await _direccionClienteFuturoRepository.DeleteAsync(item);

            public async void RegistrarLista(IEnumerable<DireccionClienteFuturo> lista)
                foreach (var item in lista)
                    item.Id = 0;
                    await _direccionClienteFuturoRepository.InsertAsync(item);


And I'm using it like this

    private void InsertarDireccion(ClienteFuturo clienteNuevo)

    public Task<ClienteFuturo> Actualizar(ClienteFuturo entity)

        entity.SucursalId = usuario.SucursalId ?? 0;


        entity.FechaNacimiento = Shared.Shared.FormateaFecha(entity.FechaNacimiento);
        var result = _clienteRepository.Update(entity);


        return Task.FromResult(result);

InsertaTelefonos(entity) method is called from Actualizar method

When methods are called I got duplicate entries in database.

What I'm doing wrong ?

  • AutoMapper.Collection.EFCore – aaron Mar 3 at 14:15
  • Do you have an example I can use?, or can Make one based on my code? – José Polanco Mar 3 at 14:23
  • Stack Overflow is not a free coding service. – aaron Mar 3 at 14:48
  • Okay bro, no problem, be sure that’s not my wish you code for me, I just said it thinking you have an example in some code in a project you have participate it or developed, but don’t worry I will check for it, thanks. – José Polanco Mar 3 at 14:51
  • Can you describe better the issue? What is not working? There's several methods and it's not clear which is failing or what is your desired result. But I have a hunch: How is ClienteFuturo entity passed in? Is it loaded previously from the db? You might need to understand how to work with EF in a disconnected scenario. Also, to modify child entities, you need to load them first. – jpgrassi Mar 10 at 15:28

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