I have no problem in do ng serve using

But today, when I do ng serve An unhandled exception occurred: listen EACCES: permission denied

Is there a way to solve this problem permanently?


I have solved this issue by simply going to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections and then I disabled all the Hyper-V Connections/Adapters and I kept the ones I use like the Wifi and Physical Ethernet Adapter.

No restart needed. Once done, try to run your Angular app on 4200 and it should work.


Alternative Solutions:

Sometimes just restarting Windows NAT driver can fix the issue:

  • open CMD/PowerShell and type net stop winnat and then net start winnat.

If that did not help then, try to stop the Windows NAT Driver and update the excludedportrange as follows :

  • type netsh int ipv4 add excludedportrange protocol=tcp startport=4200 numberofports=1 if you want to exclude port 4200 only if you want more just update numberofports
  • then start the Windows NAT Driver again and run your App.
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    open CMD/PowerShell and type net stop winnat and then net start winnat. this worked for me after wasting so much time for this problem thanks @p90n33r
    – Thili
    Jun 9 at 16:20
  • @Thili my pleasure, I hope this will be the ultimate solution to this problem
    – p90n33r
    Jun 11 at 6:19
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    net stop winnat and restart worked for me
    – peterc
    Sep 15 at 7:03

It sounds like your port is taken already. You should kill the use in port 4200. What operating system do you have?

  • I am using Windows 10, and I found out that ntoskrnl.exe is using that port. Is there a way change the port to another one? Mar 2 '20 at 9:03
  • you can use ng serve --port 4211 or change ntoskrnl.exe port Mar 2 '20 at 9:10
  • Thank you for your help! I solve it by disable the World Wide Web Publishing Service. I not sure why this service was started. Mar 2 '20 at 9:31
  • Got a blank browser tab after reboot pointing to 4200. Once you kill it, the issue is gone
    – Alsushi
    Jul 23 '20 at 13:01
  • I was using Windows 10 and just restarted my PC twice (without doing anything) and the error is gone. I followed this: superuser.com/questions/1437780/…
    – Nah
    Jul 25 at 11:58

For me happens after Windows 10 Update to build 2009.

There is a network adapter which is blocking your port.

For @p90n33r was Hyper-V.

For me was Wifi adapter before I use ethernet port.

Try disable any adapters to test it.

No restart needed.

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    disableing the Hyper-V adapter worked for me, I did need a restart though
    – Thomas
    Feb 11 at 8:23
  1. check might port already allocated for another application.

netstat -ano | findstr "4200"

  1. If you are using Docker might docker allocated this port (stop docker)

  2. Final solution restarting PC


This happens to me while trying to run 2 Angular apps at the same time. So they both targetted 4200 port. I can recommend two solutions.

  1. Restart the PC. Very simple.
  2. Use a different port for ng serve -o

You can modify the package.json file's start section as ng serve -o --port 4401 to make it permanent. (Any port number will do the trick) and on the terminal just execute the command to run the app as npm start

enter image description here


I had the same error, also after rebooting several times. No application using the port. Finally a brainwave to turn off "Azure VPN", which we use locally to connect to our Cloud Network.

So if someone else bumbs into this error: Turn off "Azure VPN" and see if that is the issue. I don't know how to fix it keeping it on.


For me is the Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual which enables by "Screen mirroring and projecting to your PC" Settings.

Just set "Always available" to "Always close" fix it.


If you are on a Mac machine and see this type of error, then try running your command with an elevated access.
This can be done by prepending sudo before your command.

For eg: sudo npm start or sudo ng serve, etc.

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