We have installed a thingsboard-gateway V2.2 (on a RPi) and configured it to interface with a sensor device through mqtt connector. To be more precise, weewex-mqtt is communicating data of the sensor's logger (a weather station) to thingsboard-gateway in the same RPi and the measures get successfully published.

The Main configuration file for Gateway i.e. tb_gateway.yaml is set as the following:

  host: mydomain.it
  port: 1883
  remoteConfiguration: false
    accessToken: UVXXXXXXXXXXXX
  type: memory
  read_records_count: 100
  max_records_count: 100000
    name: MQTT Broker Connector
    type: mqtt
    configuration: mqtt.json

as of the MQTT Connector configuration file i.e mqtt.json the configuration is the following:

  "broker": {
    "name": "Weather Station Broker",
    "host": "localhost",
    "port": 1883,
    "security": {
      "type": "anonymous"
  "mapping": [
      "topicFilter": "WeatherSensors",
      "converter": {
        "type": "json",
        "deviceTypeJsonExpression": "${sensorType}",
        "timeout": 60000,
        "timeseries": [
            "type": "double",
            "key": "temperature",
            "value": "${outTemp}"
            "type": "double",
            "key": "humidity",
            "value": "${outHumidity}"
        "deviceNameJsonExpression": "${WeatherStationName}"

I just left the broker field and data required field which is mapping.

WeatherSensors is the topic on which weewx-mqtt, and outTemp, outHumidity are taken from the paylod.

However, it seems that there is no data communication related to the timeseries data. From other hand the communication between gateway and server seems to be established since I see the continuous update of these variables:

eventsProduced and eventsSent,

and if I leave the connectRequests, disconnectRequests, attributeUpdates and serverSideRpc I will se also something like mqttbrokerconnectorEventsProduced and mqttbrokerconnectorEventsSent.

Therefore, I am suspecious of the mqtt.json configuration, but this is how the thingssboard official page suggests. Anyhelp is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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