I use formly to dynamically create an Angular reactive forms. and I use a custom field to load some values from the database and create checkboxes from them.

so, I need to dynamically load this component and inject it into the main template.

to simplify the question, the process would be as the following:

1- create formly fields:

fields: [{
        key: "categories",
        type: "categories",      

2- create the component FormlyFieldCategories and assign it to the custom type categories

3- the component FormlyFieldCategories dynamically loads the component FormlyFieldCategoriesHelper which actually loads and creates the required checkboxes.

until now all things are fine, but when I check the checkbox I couldn't get it's value.

so I added a function onChange to set the formCotrol value as suggested here https://github.com/ngx-formly/ngx-formly/issues/2122#issuecomment-593932620, but it seems that events are not emmited, so onChange and onClick are not work.

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