How would one load a Magnet link via rasterbar libtorrent python binding?

import libtorrent as lt
import time

ses = lt.session()
params = { 'save_path': '/home/downloads/'}
link = "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4MR6HU7SIHXAXQQFXFJTNLTYSREDR5EI&tr=http://tracker.vodo.net:6970/announce"
handle = lt.add_magnet_uri(ses, link, params)

print 'downloading metadata...'
while (not handle.has_metadata()): time.sleep(1)
print 'got metadata, starting torrent download...'
while (handle.status().state != lt.torrent_status.seeding):
    print '%d %% done' % (handle.status().progress*100)
  • This seems to be broken. If I use this and print handle.status().download_rate and handle.status().num_peers I can see that initially it is downloading but later on its losing peers and download rate is flattening. This also pertains this and this variation. Is there something that has to be done so that peers don't disconnect? – Felix Jan 22 '20 at 11:46

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