I am using WSO2 IS(5.3.0) and WSO2 APIM(2.1.0).I have configured API_Store as service provider using SAML protocol for authentication using Identity-Server using Single Sign On. I have configured google as Identity Provider with SAML protocol for federated login. When i access the API store it redirects me to Identity-Server page with multiple login option like local authentication or with Google enter image description here . When i click on Google IDP it redirects me to Google login Page. After entering the credentials of user it redirects me to logout page enter image description here. Meanwhile when i access the API-store on different tab the user is already logged in API Store.

Could anyone tell me why the request is not redirected to API_STORE home page after entering the user credentials for google or if i am missing some configurations.

  • Did you configure callback URL property? What did you set? – Bee Mar 4 at 11:22
  • Hi @Bee I have entered https://<AM-ip>:<port>/store/jagg/jaggery_acs.jag in service provider as Attribute consumer URL for SAML protocol – Yatin Mar 4 at 15:36
  • Hi is their any solution for the same as i am stuck in between and couln't proceed further – Yatin Mar 17 at 6:16
  • Is it possible to attach the network trace... only the urls will be fine.. – Thanuja Mar 31 at 15:15

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