My team is working on a Cordova application, we’ve recently encountered an issue on iOS 13 devices where after a while, the application would freeze and only way to recover is to kill the application.

When the application freezes, we noticed that the following msgs: • [Process] kill() returned unexpected error 1 – this seems to be unrelated as it appears as soon as the application starts • [IPC] Connection::waitForSyncReply – this message seems to only appear once the application freezes

I found in the WebKit source code that this message seems to indicate something is timing out: https://github.com/WebKit/webkit/blob/e4ea20a88aa7ab0f64d67ffaadaa02fc7a93c49c/Source/WebKit/Platform/IPC/Connection.cpp#L634

Anyone else encounter this type of issue? Have anymore info? Any and all input is appreciated!

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