I need to add several parameter values from some configuration files to the deployment file deployment.toml in WSO2 IS 5.9.0. I fail to infer the proper name so that the IS load them properly. How can I infer how to build the parameter names in that file? Any rules?


  • can you add the configuration files that you are going to add these new parameters and what are these parameters – Buddhima Udaranga Mar 5 at 9:53
  • I need the name for the parameter <filterusersandgroupsonlyfromprimarydomain> in identity.xml – fipries Mar 5 at 10:40
  1. Add the following to

    IS_HOME/repository/resources/conf/templates/repository/conf/identity.xml.j2 file


  1. Add the following to IS_HOME/repository/conf/default.json

"filter.onlyfromprimary.enable": true

This will be the default value

  1. Change the configuration as per your requirement from


enable = true

Here I have assumed this value is a boolean as you havent provided that information. You can change as per your requirement. Also, filter.onlyfromprimary.enable this key value also can be changed as per your requirement. Please refer[1] for more information

[1]. https://medium.com/@madurangasaneth/simplified-centralized-configuration-model-in-wso2-is-5-9-0-onward-b149b878a695

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