Why does the following not print two digits for the minutes and seconds?

Documentation for Intl.DateTimeFormat.

Note that adding hour12: false to the options for the hour, minute or second formatters has no visible effect.

const DTF = Intl.DateTimeFormat
const ye = (d) => new DTF('en-GB', { year: 'numeric' }).format(d)
const mo = (d) => new DTF('en-GB', { month: '2-digit' }).format(d)
const da = (d) => new DTF('en-GB', { day: '2-digit' }).format(d)
const ho = (d) => new DTF('en-GB', { hour: '2-digit' }).format(d)
const mi = (d) => new DTF('en-GB', { minute: '2-digit' }).format(d)
const se = (d) => new DTF('en-GB', { second: '2-digit' }).format(d)

const format = (d) =>  `${ye(d)}/${mo(d)}/${da(d)} ${ho(d)}:${mi(d)}:${se(d)}`

console.log(format(new Date('2019-01-01T00:00:00Z'))) // 2019/01/01 00:0:0


Just use formatToParts since that's a known issue.

const DTF = new Intl.DateTimeFormat('in', { year: 'numeric', month: '2-digit', day: '2-digit', hour: '2-digit', minute: '2-digit', second: '2-digit' })

const dp = DTF.formatToParts(new Date('2019-01-01T01:02:03Z'))

console.log(`${dp[4].value}/${dp[2].value}/${dp[0].value} ${dp[6].value}:${dp[8].value}:${dp[10].value}`)

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